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Wednesday, 12th of June, 2024
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Tools /Software
NEW PAT: For Pattern Recognition of Protein sequences
Pattern recognition is a sub-topic of machine learning. It can be defined as "the act of taking in raw data and taking an action based on the category of the data".
Enoromous amount of Biological datas can be managed handfully and tactfully with the help of pattern recognition.
Newpat is capable of identifying different categories of patterns which may be present in proteins.
IV PROT 1.0 : For Sequence and structure analysis of Protein sequnces.

IV PROT is capable of analyzing the protein primary, secondary and tertiary structure in one shot if the raw protein sequence is provided. It is efficient to search the post transcriptional modifications, Functional sites.etc.

The term "sequence analysis" in biology implies subjecting a DNA or peptide sequence to sequence alignment, sequence databases, repeated sequence searches, or other bioinformatics methods on a computer.
Sequence analysis in molecular biology and bioinformatics is an automated, computer-based examination of characteristical fragments, e.g. of a DNA-strand. It basically includes five biologically relevant topics:

  1.  the comparison of sequences in order to find similar sequences (sequence alignment)

2.  identification of gene-structures, reading frames, distributions of introns and exons and        regulatory elements

3.  prediction of protein structures

4.  genome mapping

5.  comparison of homologous sequences to construct a molecular phylogeny
Application Areas

In chemistry, sequence analysis comprises techniques used to do determine the sequence of a polymer formed of several monomers. In molecular biology and genetics, the same process is called simply "sequencing."

SEQAN is a tool for the complete protein sequence and structure analysis in one shot. You get the result in a separate WordPad/ MS word file.

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